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Dealing with house rules during and after a divorce

When two Florida parents decide to get a divorce but continue to share parenting duties, there may be problems when the parents attempt to establish separate house rules. For children who are already going through a major transition, trying to learn two different sets of house rules can be overwhelming.

Looking at divorce by profession

Florida residents might be interested to know that some professions have a higher divorce rate than others. For example, those who travel frequently or have a job related to nightlife are more likely to break up with a spouse. Bartenders and casino workers experience the highest divorce rate of any profession.

Planning for small parenting expenses after divorce

After parents in Florida get divorced, it's common for disputes to arise over who should pay for different expenses. Some of these arguments could be avoided if the parents have detailed parenting plans. One of these often-overlooked details involves the payment of the children's back-to-school expenses.

When mediation is a poor fit for divorce

Florida couples whose marriages are coming to an end often have some mutual understanding of desired child custody and property division outcomes. At the least, they may be able to settle some issues in mediation without requiring a judge to rule on every dispute. However, this is not always the case, and some divorcing couples are best served by the adversarial nature of litigation. The first rule of mediation lends some insight into why it is inappropriate in certain cases.

Why women may have more difficulties after divorce

Although going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult, the financial part of dissolving a marriage can actually be more complex. For some Florida couples, a divorce can have a serious impact on both parties' budget and retirement. However, divorce tends to have a larger impact on women.

Approaching divorce with realistic expectations

Divorcing couples in Florida sometimes set themselves up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations. Even the most fair judge and competent legal team can only accomplish so much in the areas of property division, spousal support and legal issues surrounding child custody. Those contemplating the end of a marriage may benefit from reviewing some of the limitations of the legal process.

Health insurance worries prevent some divorces

Some Florida couples whose marriages are on the rocks may be delaying a divorce because of concerns about health insurance. With uncertainty around its availability, people with preexisting conditions may remain married so they can ensure continued coverage. While the Affordable Care Act, which came into full effect in 2014, offered protections to people after divorce, it may be repealed or replaced. A 2012 study found that 115,000 women each year lost private health insurance after a divorce, and this may be the situation again in the future without the ACA.

Best intentions make for costly errors during divorce

Parents tend to face the most difficult decisions during a divorce, such as how to approach children about the change and how to maintain the family's standard of living. Florida parents may make the mistake of listening to common myths or taking protective attitudes too far.

How Florida residents know if a payment is considered alimony

In 2006, a man received a $250,000 bonus that was worth over $155,000 after taxes. In 2007, he filed for divorce from his wife and gave her nearly half of the after-tax amount. Days later, the wife signed an agreement saying that the money was community property and that he would claim the entire bonus on his tax return. The man then claimed a $127,000 alimony payment on an amended 2007 joint return filed with a new spouse.


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