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Shared parenting gains popularity

On Aug. 26, Florida residents celebrated Women's Equality Day with various civic events. Although it was originally declared by Congress as a celebration of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave American women the right to vote in 1920, it has been expanded to reflect upon issues of gender equality that still need to be resolved, particularly with relation to family legal issues.

The upside of a prenuptial agreement

While not everyone may understand what a prenuptial agreement is, it can be beneficial to Florida couples who are thinking about getting married. In some cases, just the process of talking about the issues may be worth going through because it forces each person to be open and honest about their finances. It also forces couples to communicate in an open and honest manner, which may strengthen their relationship.

Addressing a joint account after a divorce

Florida couples who are going through a divorce will need to negotiate the separation of assets as part of the process. For many people, the idea of separating assets is associated with wealth and property. However, even couples who might only have a joint account will have to go through the division process.

How to determine an adequate child support amount

When Florida parents of minor children divorce, the non-custodial parent will generally be ordered by the court to pay child support to the custodial parent. To determine how much support should be provided, parents may use a child support calculator. However, what the calculator says and what a judge may ultimately order may differ significantly. However, this doesn't mean that the calculator is not accurate.

Job stress factors largely in family legal issues

With an overall divorce rate for first marriages at about 41 percent, Florida couples might wonder about how to reduce their risk of splitting up. Census data has revealed that career choices are major factors that increase the odds of divorce significantly. Occupations that involve high levels of stress or time away from home lead to higher divorce rates than the average.

Custody orders and taking a child out of the state or country

A parent who is separated or divorced and who is concerned that the other parent might take their child out of the state or country might wonder what legal options exist to prevent this. A Florida judge can take steps to protect against this if there is evidence that it might occur.

Parenthood increasingly central to fathers' lives

Fatherhood is changing and developing. Many fathers in Florida and across the country are playing a more active role in their children's lives than in the past. A larger number of stay-at-home and single fathers are taking the lead on child care.Across demographics, fathers say that parenting is extremely important to their identity, according to a 2015 survey. An almost equal percentage of fathers and mothers identify with the importance of parenting. An even higher percentage of fathers than mothers say that parenting is always rewarding.

Shared parenting gaining acceptance

In Florida, the concept of shared parenting, sometimes referred to as joint physical custody, is not implied in the laws of the state, but this is something that lawmakers are trying to change. A couple of bills have passed by substantial margins, but they have been vetoed.

Issues to consider when blending families

According to a Pew Research Center report, 16 percent of children were living in a blended family in 2015. However, there may be financial difficulties in such an arrangement. One way to make a transition easier from a financial perspective is to have common goals when it comes to money. Florida couples who are going to be in this position should ask themselves what they want financially and what type of example that they want to set for their children.


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