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Back child support after age 18

Divorced parents in Florida may be interested in learning whether missing child support payments can still be collected after a child turns 18. There are enforcement options available for missing payments that do not expire simply because the child has reached legal adulthood. Unpaid obligations can cause significant distress, but knowing what can be done in advance may help to ease any resulting anxiety.

Protecting children from divorce-related emotional trauma

Tempers are often lost and compromises hard to make during divorce negotiations in Florida and around the country when delicate issues like alimony and property division are on the table. However, even the most acrimonious of couples may be able to see beyond their differences when the welfare of their children is at stake. Few parents would place their well-being above that of their children, and most experts agree that working out amicable child custody and visitation arrangements is easier when both parents keep that in mind.

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