Month: April 2017

When child custody disputes go to court

Florida parents who are getting a divorce and who are engaged in a child custody dispute might need to turn to litigation if they cannot resolve it in negotiations. Avoiding a child custody battle is the best course of action, but if this is not possible, parents can...

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Proposed revamping of alimony laws is stopped

Residents of Florida who are getting a divorce and are concerned about alimony may be interested to know that an attempt to overhaul the state's alimony laws has failed this year. Although an agreement between advocates for alimony reform and The Florida Bar was...

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why you need an underage drinking defense

If you are like many parents, you worry about the future of your children. You want the best for them and want nothing holding them back. Unfortunately, some minors in Florida are charged with underage drinking even if they were only holding alcohol for someone else...

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