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Approaching divorce with realistic expectations

Divorcing couples in Florida sometimes set themselves up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations. Even the most fair judge and competent legal team can only accomplish so much in the areas of property division, spousal support and legal issues surrounding child custody. Those contemplating the end of a marriage may benefit from reviewing some of the limitations of the legal process.

Health insurance worries prevent some divorces

Some Florida couples whose marriages are on the rocks may be delaying a divorce because of concerns about health insurance. With uncertainty around its availability, people with preexisting conditions may remain married so they can ensure continued coverage. While the Affordable Care Act, which came into full effect in 2014, offered protections to people after divorce, it may be repealed or replaced. A 2012 study found that 115,000 women each year lost private health insurance after a divorce, and this may be the situation again in the future without the ACA.

Job stress factors largely in family legal issues

With an overall divorce rate for first marriages at about 41 percent, Florida couples might wonder about how to reduce their risk of splitting up. Census data has revealed that career choices are major factors that increase the odds of divorce significantly. Occupations that involve high levels of stress or time away from home lead to higher divorce rates than the average.

Custody orders and taking a child out of the state or country

A parent who is separated or divorced and who is concerned that the other parent might take their child out of the state or country might wonder what legal options exist to prevent this. A Florida judge can take steps to protect against this if there is evidence that it might occur.

Parenthood increasingly central to fathers' lives

Fatherhood is changing and developing. Many fathers in Florida and across the country are playing a more active role in their children's lives than in the past. A larger number of stay-at-home and single fathers are taking the lead on child care.Across demographics, fathers say that parenting is extremely important to their identity, according to a 2015 survey. An almost equal percentage of fathers and mothers identify with the importance of parenting. An even higher percentage of fathers than mothers say that parenting is always rewarding.

How the Florida Relocation Statute works

Those who divorce with minor children in the picture do not get to make a clean break. In most cases, barring extraordinary circumstances, you can expect to remain in touch with your ex on a regular basis to ensure the children's well-being. One of the consequences includes limitations on your ability to move away with your minor child.

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