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Lack of money and compassion can lead to divorce

Arguing over household chores is a common pastime experienced by couples in Florida and everywhere else. According to research, money and communication may be the two factors that determine whether such squabbles result in a couple ending their relationship. The link between spending money on household chores and the success of a relationship was explored by a study conducted by Harvard Business School.

Helping kids navigate a parent's divorce

Emotions can run high when parents in Florida decide to end their marriage. When the personal and romantic relationship between the adults comes to an end, the changes that ensue can be difficult or confusing for children. Kids may need to adapt to living in two smaller homes rather than one and shifting back and forth between their parents' residences. These major changes mean that children can require support from their parents to handle the divorce in a healthy way, even when those parents are struggling with their own emotional issues.

Tips that can protect people financially during a divorce

When Florida couples get a divorce, they may want to take steps that will help protect their finances. For example, couples might want to separate their joint accounts and open individual ones. They may also want to review their credit records to make sure they are aware of all accounts and should avoid taking on more debt.

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