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How parents can curtail underage drinking for spring break

Florida is a haven for thousands of college students every year who want to unwind for spring break. The issue has gotten so bad that one Florida sheriff's department began keeping a tally of all the underage drinking arrests. So far in 2018, Mississippi State leads the ranking. 

The consequences of underage drinking during spring break

One issue that many college students in the Destin area end up dealing with during spring break involves underage drinking and DUI charges. Not all adolescents can resist the temptation and peer pressure to drink alcohol and drive while they are out hanging with their friends and roommates. As fun and exciting as things may seem at the time, the results often lead to criminal charges and penalties that have a long-lasting impact on their lives. 

The main reasons couples divorce after years of marriage

Many couples divorce after decades of marriage. Attorneys typically refer to this as gray divorce, and it occurs when spouses each over the age of 50 decide to divorce. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 10 out of every 1,000 married persons over the age of 50 divorced. This is a significant increase from 1990 when the rate was five out of every 1,000. 

Florida’s simplified dissolution of marriage procedure can save

A Florida divorce need not be a multi-years long battle for some couples. Sometimes it can be an uncontested divorce that can save a lot of headaches. While not helpful or even possible for everyone, it can be cheaper and quicker than a regular divorce. That expedited divorce may even avoid some of the acrimony that may develop as a result of a protracted divorce itself.

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