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Lack of money and compassion can lead to divorce

Arguing over household chores is a common pastime experienced by couples in Florida and everywhere else. According to research, money and communication may be the two factors that determine whether such squabbles result in a couple ending their relationship. The link between spending money on household chores and the success of a relationship was explored by a study conducted by Harvard Business School.

Helping kids navigate a parent's divorce

Emotions can run high when parents in Florida decide to end their marriage. When the personal and romantic relationship between the adults comes to an end, the changes that ensue can be difficult or confusing for children. Kids may need to adapt to living in two smaller homes rather than one and shifting back and forth between their parents' residences. These major changes mean that children can require support from their parents to handle the divorce in a healthy way, even when those parents are struggling with their own emotional issues.

Tips that can protect people financially during a divorce

When Florida couples get a divorce, they may want to take steps that will help protect their finances. For example, couples might want to separate their joint accounts and open individual ones. They may also want to review their credit records to make sure they are aware of all accounts and should avoid taking on more debt.

Resolving child custody disputes in divorce

When Florida parents decide to divorce or end their personal relationship, one major priority is often ensuring that their relationship with their children is not a casualty of that same choice. This means that child custody issues can be among the most contentious aspects of the end of a marriage, particularly when both parents have been active in their children's' lives. In making decisions about child custody, family courts have a responsibility to prioritize the best interests of the children on multiple levels, including economic stability, health and education.

Financial issues of later-in-life divorce

Over the past 25 years, the divorce rate for people over the age of 50 in Florida and across the country has more than doubled, and studies indicate that this number is continuing to rise. When people consider a divorce later in life, they face all the same challenges that all people do upon the end of a marriage, including emotional, practical and financial concerns. For people divorcing later in life, however, the financial aspects can be particularly complex, especially if the couple has been married for a number of years and accumulated assets together.

Revenge is an unhealthy focus in divorce

Florida couples headed for divorce court may be tempted to use litigation as a vehicle to punish their former spouse. The quest for revenge can make even an uncomplicated divorce cost many thousands of dollars. Acrimony surrounding a marital breakup may make vengeance seem attractive, but choosing to go there is generally a mistake that costs more than just money.

Tax changes that affect a divorce

Florida couples who end their marriages will face several tax issues. One of the main changes is that they will need to start filing separately instead of having a choice of married filing separately or jointly. This is the case if the divorce was finalized by the last day of the tax year in question.

Overcoming contempt can help to prevent divorce

A Florida couple considering divorce may be wondering how their relationship deteriorated. When one notable marriage expert looked at marriages in an attempt to determine why some last for years and others end in divorce, he identified several types of communication patterns that can indicate significant problems.

Health insurance considerations when getting divorced

When Florida couples are ending their marriages, it is important that they think about their health insurance. Medical insurance is one detail that many divorcing spouses overlook. If they do not address it, one of the parties may be left without insurance coverage when the divorce is finalized.

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