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TV star files for divorce

Florida fans of the hit television series "Grey's Anatomy" may have been surprised to learn that Jesse Williams, one of the stars of the show, has filed for divorce. The couple got married in September 2012, but they had been together for several years before their wedding.

When child custody disputes go to court

Florida parents who are getting a divorce and who are engaged in a child custody dispute might need to turn to litigation if they cannot resolve it in negotiations. Avoiding a child custody battle is the best course of action, but if this is not possible, parents can also use strategies in court that may increase the likelihood that they will be awarded custody. Parents should familiarize themselves with custody laws and may want to consult an attorney.

Proposed revamping of alimony laws is stopped

Residents of Florida who are getting a divorce and are concerned about alimony may be interested to know that an attempt to overhaul the state's alimony laws has failed this year. Although an agreement between advocates for alimony reform and The Florida Bar was reached, the bill will not be scheduled for a hearing. According to the chairman for the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs, there are other more important issues regarding the welfare and safety of children that the committee has to address.

What to do and what not to do during a marital separation

In some cases, a Florida couple may decide to physically separate while they decide whether or not they want to stay married. Separating for several months can also help when couples are trying to work on their marriage, as time and space can help them determine if the marriage was good for them or if they are emotionally better off on their own. For couples who are considering this, there are certain things that they should keep in mind.

Focusing on children during a divorce

Florida parents who are getting a divorce can help reassure their children throughout the process. This begins with choosing the best time to file based on the children's schedule. For example, parents might choose March because the long stretch of school days leaves time for uninterrupted visits to attorneys, or they might prefer the time when children are on summer vacation.

Protecting children from divorce-related emotional trauma

Tempers are often lost and compromises hard to make during divorce negotiations in Florida and around the country when delicate issues like alimony and property division are on the table. However, even the most acrimonious of couples may be able to see beyond their differences when the welfare of their children is at stake. Few parents would place their well-being above that of their children, and most experts agree that working out amicable child custody and visitation arrangements is easier when both parents keep that in mind.

Financial considerations at the end of long marriages

For older people who are going through a divorce in Florida, there are added considerations about their finances that they should consider when they are working on how to divide their assets. Many people at or over age 50 are choosing to divorce, and doing so may impact their ability to retire on time or to survive comfortably.

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