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Commonly overlooked reasons for a prenup

Florida residents may be interested to know that more couples than ever before are considering a prenuptial agreement before getting married. While many have traditionally shied away from prenups out of fear that it could strain the relationship before it has even begun, there are several good reasons to have one. Even a person with relatively few assets prior to the marriage could benefit from certain things being included in a prenup.

How divorce late in life may affect retirement

While the divorce rate among younger people is dropping, it has climbed for baby boomers, and in 2010, people over the age of 50 were twice as likely to get divorced as they were in 1990. Experts believe this may be one reason more people of retirement age are continuing to work. Divorce close to and after retirement affects Florida residents financially in a number of ways.

Money issues and divorce

Up to half of all first marriages end in divorce, and the percentage climbs even higher for subsequent marriages. Disagreement over money is a common conflict. Florida couples who are planning on getting married might want to have conversations about money to reduce their chances of divorce.

A home can create property division challenges during a divorce

For many Florida couples going through a divorce, the marital home can be at the center of a battle with emotional and financial implications. A home may represent the largest financial investment a couple might make during their marriage, but it would be wrong to look upon it as nothing more than an asset. It is often the place where a family started and children were raised, so deciding what should be done with the house can be a contentious divorce issue.

Protecting a child's college savings during a divorce

Florida parents may not give a lot of thought to the type of college savings account that they are using until they go through a divorce. When they have to divide their marital assets, new questions may arise about the college savings and what the money may be used for. A parent who does not trust the other may start to worry that the money set aside for the child's education could be used for other things.

Determining the value of a business during a divorce

If a Florida couple decides to divorce and wants to divide their property, they will need to figure out how much their assets are worth. This process can be a complicated when one or both spouses own a business. Depending on the situation, the couple will need to get a calculation of value or a full valuation of their business.

Divorce filings most common in March and August

Florida is known for its mild weather, but the state might experience seasonal peaks in divorces just like other areas of the country. Sociology researchers have collected compelling data that points to biannual surges in divorce filings. According to their study of a 14-year period of divorce data in the state of Washington, March and August consistently marked high points in the numbers of people seeking divorces.

Banks mulling a new kind of mortgage for divorcees

The divorce rate in Florida and around the country has remained steady in recent years after surging in the 1970s and 80s, but divorces among couples at or over the age of 50 have continued to climb. A 2014 study from researchers at Bowling Green State University found that the number of people in that age group getting a divorce doubled between 1990 and 2014, and a similar trend in the United Kingdom has prompted British banks to consider introducing a new kind of mortgage to help older divorced people who wish to keep living in their former marital residences.

Alternative dispute resolution methods for divorces

While divorcing couples in Florida may often go into negotiations hoping for a swift and amicable resolution, they sometimes find it difficult to avoid being drawn into heated exchanges when the matters being discussed turn to alimony or property division. Family law courts provide a venue where these matters can be settled in a definitive and legally binding way, but many couples are choosing instead to explore alternative means of resolving their differences.

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