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Cases Do Not Come With Guidebooks. You Need An Attorney Who Will Forge An individualized Path For You.

Divorce and family law matters are overwhelming, not only because of the emotions involved and the life changes that come along with them, but because of the sheer volume of issues that need to be addressed and the complex laws that come into play.

Unfortunately, there is no guidebook, because every case is different. Your situation is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach would not be effective in helping you achieve your goals. You need a guide who will carefully review your circumstances, get to know you and your family, learn about your goals, and then forge a path through your case.

Let Us Be Your Guide. Over A Decade Of Experience.

At Wood Law Firm in Destin, Florida, we have more than a decade of experience guiding people through divorce and other family law cases.

We also provide criminal law representation, assist with estate planning and probate, offer homeowners and condo association law services, and handle a wide range of civil litigation. We are proud to represent military personnel and spouses.

When you choose our law firm, you will have an attorney who knows how to avoid pitfalls to find the shortest, most cost-effective path to a positive resolution. We can get you through this.

When It Comes To Legal Matters, The Devil Is In The Details

We are detail-oriented. Experience has taught us that in legal matters the old saying is true: the devil is in the details. We review every aspect of a case carefully so that nothing is overlooked, no matter how minor. When we appear with you in court we are always prepared and well-spoken. The documents we create for your case are always professional. We know that, regardless of the content of a pleading or another document, if it looks sloppy it will reflect negatively on you and your lawyer, and it could harm the case. We work hard and make certain everything is done correctly the first time.

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Tell us about your case. We will discuss your options and explain costs. We pride ourselves on fair rates, and we refuse to over bill. Some services are available on a flat-fee basis, so you know the full cost upfront.

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