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A Law Firm That Will Fight For You

At Wood Law Firm, we are competitive by nature. When you hire us, you are not just hiring a lawyer. You are hiring an advocate who will fight for you if necessary.

With that said, we do not compete for the sake of competing. We zero in on your goals and customize a strategy that makes sense based on your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

Our Goal: Finding A Result That Will Make Our Clients Happy

At the end of the day, we gauge our success based on how our clients feel about us when a case is over. We strive not only for a result that you will be happy with, but we also want you to feel as though we were standing by your side at all times, keeping you in the loop and educating you so there were no surprises.

We want you to be pleased with the cost of our services and our billing methods, so you feel like you received good value. We believe that the number of referrals and return clients we get means we are doing it right.

Active Inside And Outside The Courtroom

We are well-known and active in the community in Destin, Florida, where we live and work. We proudly sponsor a number of local youth sports teams. We spend time with our families when we are not in the law office or at court.

Our team is well-known in local courtrooms. Because we have more than 10 years of experience working with other attorneys in town and arguing in front of local judges, we can set realistic expectations for our clients. We know the law not just in terms of how it is written in law books, but how it is interpreted in the courts.

Serving Military Families

We are well-positioned to represent military personnel, and spouses, because our founding lawyer, Drew Wood, grew up in a military family and served in the military himself. We understand the unique issues that arise when members of the military face legal challenges.

To learn more about Drew Wood’s background, review the profile below.

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