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Divorce filings most common in March and August

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2016 | Divorce |

Florida is known for its mild weather, but the state might experience seasonal peaks in divorces just like other areas of the country. Sociology researchers have collected compelling data that points to biannual surges in divorce filings. According to their study of a 14-year period of divorce data in the state of Washington, March and August consistently marked high points in the numbers of people seeking divorces.

Because these months come after traditional times for winter and summer holidays, the researchers suggested that most people waited to initiate a divorce until after their family vacations. They referred to these holiday periods as domestic rituals within the cultural calendar. Announcing a divorce during these times would be considered taboo by many people, which potentially accounts for the peak periods right after them.

The sociology professor who led the study also noted that the winter holidays represented a time when couples might try to resolve problems. When that does not work out, then they initiate their divorces in March after they have had a chance to get their finances in order and gather the courage to end their marriages. In August, the impending beginning of the school year could prompt couples with children to make changes.

People who are facing the end of a marriage will need to document all marital assets for the process of property division that must take place. Information about income will also need to be presented to the family court. An attorney could help a client organize the documentation and explain how the law could apply to issues like the calculation of child support or alimony.