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Work statuses and the risk of divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Divorce |

Many Florida couples end up divorcing, and people might wonder the reason why so many marriages end. While multiple factors might be at play, a study points to the relationship between the risk of divorce and the work status of the individual spouses.

A sociology professor at Harvard University conducted the study, analyzing data from approximately 6,300 heterosexual marriages. For women, she found differences between those who were married prior to 1975 and those who were married afterward. The women who were married before 1975 had a greater risk of divorcing that correlated with their performing fewer household chores. In other words, the women in older marriages were expected to fill the traditional role of being homemakers. No such relationship existed for marriages after that year, meaning women have no difference in divorce risk today regardless of whether they work outside of the home or don’t.

By contrast, men in modern marriages were still expected to fill their roles as breadwinners for their families. Those who were unemployed demonstrated a significantly greater risk of getting divorced than those who were employed outside of their homes. The researcher believes that one possible reason for this is that men who aren’t working are often unemployed due to involuntary circumstances such as layoffs or firings. These added circumstances thus put more pressures on the family.

No matter the reason, people who want to end their marriage may benefit by speaking with a family law attorney. Getting divorced often involves tackling complex problems, which can include spousal support, child custody and support, visitation and property division, and an attorney can often assist a client in negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement that covers the applicable issues.