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Back child support after age 18

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Family Law |

Divorced parents in Florida may be interested in learning whether missing child support payments can still be collected after a child turns 18. There are enforcement options available for missing payments that do not expire simply because the child has reached legal adulthood. Unpaid obligations can cause significant distress, but knowing what can be done in advance may help to ease any resulting anxiety.

Different states have different regulations regarding child support obligations. For example, it’s possible that support will cease if the child in question has been emancipated. In other cases, the original order may be amended in a way that diminishes or ends the support requirement if the receiving parent no longer needs it. However, missing payments will typically need to be collected until the entire unpaid balance has been fully recovered, and this does not necessarily change once the child comes of age.

Someone who is liable for missing child support payments could be subject to tax refund seizure, wage garnishment and other such consequences. If the child has turned 18 since the payments in question were missed, liability will continue until the sum has been recuperated or applicable statute of limitations has expired. If there is a statute of limitations in place, it may be necessary to return to court to renew the original support order to collect the required payments before it expires.

It may be advisable for parents who are owed back child support to retain legal counsel in order to receive the missing payments. Although these and other family law issues can be difficult to navigate alone, a family law attorney can provide valuable assistance and a satisfactory outcome. Consulting with a lawyer can help improve relations between all parties involved and better provide for the interests of parent and child alike.