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why you need an underage drinking defense

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If you are like many parents, you worry about the future of your children. You want the best for them and want nothing holding them back. Unfortunately, some minors in Florida are charged with underage drinking even if they were only holding alcohol for someone else or just sitting at a table that had alcohol on it. Learn why having an underage drinking defense is important to protect your teen’s future.

It hurts employment prospects and freedom

With a conviction on your child’s record, his or her employment prospects tend to diminish. In fact, many employers will not even consider applicants who have convictions, even if it is one time for drinking. The same goes for some colleges and universities. If your child is already employed, he or she might not lose the job, but what if transportation becomes an issue? It does in many cases because the teen has a suspended license and cannot legally drive.

You may also not realize that an underage drinking charge can mean jail time. In Florida, a minor could spend as many as 60 days behind bars.

Self-representation is difficult.

After knowing the adverse consequences that conviction can bring, it makes sense to want to contest an underage drinking or possession charge rather than plead guilty to it. A public defender may be able to thoroughly help. However, a private attorney might have more time and effort to focus on the case. In any case, self-representation comes with many pitfalls. Quite a few issues come into play, and missing just one simple filing date can lead to bad outcomes. Defense attorneys know judges and prosecutors well, and they are experienced in putting on effective defenses.

It is scary to face an underage drinking charge and the possibility of serious consequences alone. Seeking the help of an attorney with your case is a wise move.