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Job stress factors largely in family legal issues

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | Family Law |

With an overall divorce rate for first marriages at about 41 percent, Florida couples might wonder about how to reduce their risk of splitting up. Census data has revealed that career choices are major factors that increase the odds of divorce significantly. Occupations that involve high levels of stress or time away from home lead to higher divorce rates than the average.

The overall divorce rate of 16.9 of every 1000 women has seen a steady fall since the 1980 high. However, job stresses contribute to a higher rate of divorce in certain occupations. These include low pay and dangerous or time-demanding jobs. Not surprisingly, three military jobs appear on the top 10 list of those likely to end in a family law court by the time a couple reaches the age of 30.

When all fields of work were considered, the military as a whole had the highest rate of 30 and under divorces. Deployments and post-traumatic stress disorder both help in understanding the stress that results in family legal issues, but it isn’t the whole picture. Frequent moves and marrying at a young age are also reasons for the higher than average rate.

The unfortunate truth is that couples often end up in the stressful position of fighting over custody and assets due to the stress caused by their lifestyle choices. This stress can result in poor negotiating tactics and former partners ending up worse off than could otherwise be possible. An experienced attorney can provide a balance to negative emotions while attempting to help a client reach an accord on the applicable divorce legal issues.