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The upside of a prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2017 | Family Law |

While not everyone may understand what a prenuptial agreement is, it can be beneficial to Florida couples who are thinking about getting married. In some cases, just the process of talking about the issues may be worth going through because it forces each person to be open and honest about their finances. It also forces couples to communicate in an open and honest manner, which may strengthen their relationship.

Neither party to such an agreement should feel like they are negotiating on their own. In fact, it may be best to negotiate with the help of a mediator or through some other collaborative form of discussion. Once an agreement has been reached, each party should take it to their own attorney for review. This may ensure that the agreement adheres to state law and that an individual knows what he or she is getting into by signing it.

Prenuptial agreements may be worth looking into regardless of who suggests getting one. As it may help to clarify expectations about how property is classified and what happens to it in the event of a divorce, each person knows what to expect from the marriage. Talking about what happens in a divorce in a calm and rational manner now may make it easier to move on if the relationship can’t be saved later.

A prenuptial agreement may be ideal for an individual regardless of how much his or her net worth may be at that time. A family law attorney may help a client learn more about such agreements and what types of provisions they cannot contain.