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Building co-parenting relationships with toxic exes

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2017 | Family Law |

Some Florida parents have difficulty dealing with each other after their divorces are finalized. When one parent is a toxic person, co-parenting can be even harder.

While parents might feel that their exes are toxic, they may simply be working through some of the issues that have lingered from their divorces. Parents can help to prevent conflict by approaching things differently. They should always place their children’s interests at the forefront and leave old conflicts behind.

When a parent must co-parent children with a toxic ex, the parent should put ground rules about communication in place. Parents should refrain from sharing anything about their personal lives beyond the needs of their children. They should also remember that their kids love both of their parents, and they should not talk badly about the other parents to their kids or in front of them. Parents should set aside their differences and actively encourage their children to develop good relationships with the other parents. They should refuse to argue about old issues and keep the focus on the kids.

Establishing good co-parenting relationships following divorces can be difficult, but it is very important. Children generally do best after their parents’ divorce if they can see that their parents are able to work together for the children. Parents who are going through divorces or who are embroiled in bitter custody fights might benefit by talking to experienced family lawyers who can help their clients to look past their emotional conflicts in order to see what is in their children’s best interests. By keeping the children first, the parents may be better able to negotiate workable parenting plans.