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Looking at divorce by profession

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Divorce |

Florida residents might be interested to know that some professions have a higher divorce rate than others. For example, those who travel frequently or have a job related to nightlife are more likely to break up with a spouse. Bartenders and casino workers experience the highest divorce rate of any profession.

This data comes from a 2015 American Community Survey. Jobs that involve unpredictable hours or lots of travel have divorce rates above the median rate of 35 percent. Jobs with a higher rate of divorce include flight attendants, switchboard operators, nurses, ambulance drivers and dancers. However, physicians and surgeons, who also work varied hours, have relatively low divorce rates.

Income can also make a difference. On average, professions with large annual incomes have less divorces. This could be why physicians and surgeons see a lower divorce rate. Careers with the least separations were software developers, scientists and actuaries. It may help that these professions do not have especially fluid schedules.

Researchers looked at a wide variety of careers. Professions that ranked around the average divorce rate were automotive service technicians, electricians, insurance sales agents and morticians. There are also exceptions. For instance, clergy and those involved in religious careers do not have high salaries but have low divorce rates. This could be because income may be less important for those in faith based professions.

While it is interesting to compare the divorce rates for different careers, this data is hardly scientific evidence. Anyone could go through a divorce regardless of career or income level. Those who do have higher income levels may need to be more careful when dividing assets to ensure a fair settlement for both parties.