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Planning for small parenting expenses after divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Divorce |

After parents in Florida get divorced, it’s common for disputes to arise over who should pay for different expenses. Some of these arguments could be avoided if the parents have detailed parenting plans. One of these often-overlooked details involves the payment of the children’s back-to-school expenses.

It can be very expensive to pay for all of a child’s back-to-school costs. Children may need new school supplies, shoes, coats, clothing and other items, and the associated expenses can quickly build. Parents may argue about who should be responsible for paying for these items. If these types of costs are not addressed in the parenting plans, parents may allow their types of custody arrangements to govern a fair solution.

If the exes have a traditional arrangement in which one parent has primary custody while the other pays child support, the parent with primary custody should pay for the back-to-school costs. Child support is meant to be enough to cover a child’s basic needs, including the costs involved with going back to school. However, shared parenting has become increasingly common. In this type of arrangement, both parents should share the financial responsibility of buying school supplies. They may split the expenses according to their incomes or in half. Discussing these types of scenarios before disputes happen may help to prevent potential disagreements.

The heightened emotions that often accompany divorces may make it more difficult for parents to be able to determine how to work together. It is important for parents to remember that their children may do better if everyone is able to get along reasonably well. Parents who are divorcing might benefit by seeking the help of family law attorneys. The lawyers may help their clients look past the emotional component of their divorces so that they can craft better agreements.