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How parents can curtail underage drinking for spring break

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | blog |

Florida is a haven for thousands of college students every year who want to unwind for spring break. The issue has gotten so bad that one Florida sheriff’s department began keeping a tally of all the underage drinking arrests. So far in 2018, Mississippi State leads the ranking.

To prevent a phone call in the middle of the night asking for bail money, parents need to remain proactive to prevent their teenagers from drinking too much or at all during spring break. There are various strategies parents can implement that can give them peace of mind while still giving the college student plenty of fun.

Talk to students before they leave

Even if you have already spoken with your child about the dangers of drinking too much, it never hurts to offer some reminders. It is also important to remind your college student of the dangers outside of potentially facing arrest. Excessive drinking can lead to injuries or alcohol poisoning. Tell your child it is acceptable to say, “No” to alcohol.

Communicate throughout the trip

If you have granted permission for your college student to go somewhere with friends for spring break, then make it clear you have some conditions. Let your child know you will text or call her or him once every so often, and when you call, your child must answer. To ensure greater compliance with communicating, you can get in touch with the parents of other students your child will travel with.

Create a zero-tolerance policy

Make it clear when you speak with your child he or she should not drink under any circumstances. Although most parents think their kids do not listen to them, especially when they are still in school, people in their late teens and early 20s are extremely cognizant of their parents’ wishes. You can state that if your child ends up in jail, it could negatively impact his or her college years and future career.