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How parents can prevent underage drinking this spring break

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Binge drinking during spring break runs rampant every year, and many people overlook the dangers. Approximately 1,800 students die each year as a result of binge drinking, and over 600,000 suffer injuries as a result of their actions while drunk.

For parents, spring break can be scary. Even if your child does not get hurt, he or she could still face arrest for underage drinking or for operating a vehicle under the influence. For anyone under the age of 21, there is a zero tolerance policy, so driving a car with a BAC of even 0.01 percent is enough to lead to a DUI. You can increase the chances of your kid staying safe by following these pieces of advice.

Explain the consequences

If your teen has plans to go on vacation for spring break, then sit down with him or her to explain the consequences of underage drinking. Teens convicted of a DUI may have scholarships revoked. They may also have to contend with suspended licenses, fines, community service and even jail time. A fun week can quickly turn into a lifetime of regret.

Forbid unsupervised trips

Your teen might fight you on this, but outright forbidding spring break in another state may be for the best. You can make it up to your college student by planning a fun family vacation where everyone goes on a nice trip for the week. It is common for college students to rent out hotel rooms without any parental supervision. The part of the brain that makes people good at making decisions does not fully develop until they are in their mid-20s, so a group of teenagers in the same room is usually a recipe for disaster.

Maintain communication

If you let your college student go away for spring break, then lay out plenty of ground rules. In the event you are the one paying for this event, you can certainly create any rules you believe are best. Make it clear that your teen needs to contact you at regular intervals throughout the week. Make it clear there are consequences if you try to call but do not get a response.