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Helping kids navigate a parent’s divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2018 | Divorce, Family Law |

Emotions can run high when parents in Florida decide to end their marriage. When the personal and romantic relationship between the adults comes to an end, the changes that ensue can be difficult or confusing for children. Kids may need to adapt to living in two smaller homes rather than one and shifting back and forth between their parents’ residences. These major changes mean that children can require support from their parents to handle the divorce in a healthy way, even when those parents are struggling with their own emotional issues.

However, by keeping some key guidelines in mind, parents can help ensure that their children’s path through the divorce is eased as much as possible even though concerns and upset will remain. Open conversation can be key, especially for older children. Many kids blame themselves for their parents’ divorce, and when those parents can openly assure their children that they were not an issue in the split, it can help them feel supported and more confident.

In addition, one key goal should be reducing disruption to the children. This means encouraging them to continue their interests and activities and trying to avoid disrupting their school schedule and time with friends. Kids can also be given constructive distractions to help them keep their mind on matters other than the divorce. Also, when couples have a contentious relationship, children may feel as if they have to take sides between their parents. Kids should be reassured that they can still love both of their parents and be encouraged to spend time with both of them.

Parenting issues are not only some of the most emotionally challenging aspects of divorce but also some of the key legal matters. From child custody to child support, a family law attorney can help divorcing parents protect their rights and advocate for their relationship with their children.