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Why you should consider staying off social media when getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2022 | Divorce |

Tensions may run high in your divorce proceedings, and you may think the best place to vent is on social media. You may make snide remarks about your ex-spouse or even wish them harm out of pent-up emotions. But did you know that your ex can use all these negative social media posts to prove a point in the divorce proceedings?

While your posts may be innocent statements made at the spur of the moment, they may end up in front of the court and affect your case. Here are aspects of your divorce that may be impacted by your social media posts.

Child custody

Your social media posts may lead the judge into thinking you are a violent person with a vendetta against their ex-spouse. In such a case, the judge may be hesitant to award you custody since they are unsure about the children’s welfare under your care as well as your ability to co-parent with your ex.

Alimony and property distribution

Suppose you post pictures on a luxurious vacation or shopping spree. It could paint a different a certain picture about your financial status, affecting the amount of alimony awarded by the court.

Equally, your social media posts could weigh in on the division of property which is done on an equitable basis in Florida. The judge may find it hard to believe that you are financially vulnerable if your posts on social media indicate otherwise.

Navigating your case

You need to avoid any loose ends that may make you lose out. Therefore, you should strongly consider keeping away from social media until your case is concluded. Instead, you should focus all your efforts on protecting your interests in the divorce and ensuring you get what you deserve in the end.