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Why do teens drink?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Juvenile Crimes |

The drinking age in the United States is 21 years old, something that has been true now for decades. It is illegal for teenagers to drink.

As you likely know, especially if you’re a parent with a teen of your own, this is one of the most commonly broken laws. Many teenagers drink long before they turn 21. 

But why is this? A lot of these teens don’t break any other laws and generally follow the rules at school, but they still choose to drink. What is it about alcohol that makes teens view it differently?

They’re facing peer pressure

One of the biggest reasons is just peer pressure. Teenagers want to fit in, they want to make friends and they want to show that they’re part of the social group. If that entire group begins drinking, odds are that they will join in, even if they wouldn’t have wanted to drink on their own.

They’re just curious

Many parents take a hard line with alcohol, simply saying that teens can never have it and should never be exposed to it. And that’s a fine position to take, as it’s in line with the law, but it does create a sort of curiosity for these teens. They may start drinking just because they’ve been told all their lives not to do so and they want to know why.

It feels fun and exciting

Teens are always looking for fun, exciting things to do with their friends, and alcohol may just be one thing that they settle on. Many teens cite boredom as a reason for drinking. They know that it’s illegal, but they just want something to do.

If your teen has been arrested and is facing charges for underage drinking, you need to think about their future and consider your legal options