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Divorce doesn’t have to be adversarial

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Divorce |

People have different beliefs about divorce, with the common one being it has conflicts. However, divorce is unique, and it doesn’t necessarily have to involve battles. You and your ex-spouse can choose to go through an uncontested process.

 Here is what constitutes a smooth divorce. 

You agree on crucial matters

If you and your spouse can agree on crucial matters, including property division, child custody and support and spousal support, you may experience a smooth divorce. You won’t need to attend numerous court hearings. All you have to do is agree on matters and go to court to make them valid.

There is no fault

No-fault divorces may also constitute a smooth separation. If you and your spouse agree the marriage no longer works and choose to go your separate ways without negative feelings, you may also have a more manageable process.

 Is it always the right option?

An uncontested divorce is renowned for being smooth and peaceful. Despite being beneficial, this divorce option does not work in all cases, including: 

  • Marriages that involve abuse – domestic violence or emotional abuse 
  • When one spouse is hiding assets 

In these situations, it might be best to go to court for a favorable verdict. For instance, if a marriage involves abuse, a party may not be comfortable stating their wishes, or they may be manipulated into accepting unfair requests.

Nonetheless, with practical strategies and the right guidance, you can still protect your peace when going through a contested divorce.

It’s possible to have a smooth divorce. This process is less stressful and can take a short time. However, in some instances, going to court and fighting for your interests may be the best option. You should get legal guidance in both situations to make informed decisions.