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Factors that can damage marital communication

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2024 | Divorce |

At some point, every married couple faces difficulties. These can range from minor to severe, but how a couple overcomes these challenges shapes the future of the relationship. One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication. Without this, a marriage can fall into serious trouble. 

How couples communicate is important. There has to be trust, honesty and compassion. The following factors have the potential to damage marital communication beyond repair. 

Anger and aggression 

Nobody is perfect and it can be difficult to control emotions. A spouse may lose their temper a little as a one-off, and take some time away to calm down. However, there is a difference between mildly losing one’s temper and communicating through sustained anger and aggression. Constant raised voices, unfair criticism and dominant behavior can place a relationship in trouble, and this type of behavior may even cross the line into becoming abuse. 

Passive aggressiveness 

While aggression can be direct, it may also be passive. Passive aggressiveness can be every bit as damaging to a relationship as direct anger. It indicates a lack of respect from one spouse to the other. Examples of passive-aggressive behavior may include things like:

  • Belittling a spouse in front of friends 
  • Giving a spouse the “silent treatment”
  • Constant and unnecessary criticisms 

If spouses are unable to communicate without empathy and respect, then this can take its toll on the relationship. 

Not addressing issues 

As mentioned, all marriages go through rough patches. However, these must be addressed through communication. An unwillingness to talk can be every bit as damaging as anger and passive-aggression. 

If you are struggling to resolve communication issues in your marriage, then divorce could be a possibility. It can never do any harm to look into your legal rights.