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Virtual visitation rights in a military divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Military Family Law |

Divorce is hard on any kid, but a military divorce may be even harder on a child. When parents split up, the civilian spouse may well move off base and enter a different life with the children. Thus there are two significant changes to the child’s life: They no longer live with both parents, and they no longer live as part of the military world in which they grew up.

Growing up with a mom or dad in the military, you get used to them being away. Being used to it does not make it any easier. You still miss your parent as any child would. At times it can be even worse as you know they might never return.

 Anyone in the military who has children will be used to using technology to keep in touch. Facetiming from a barracks on the other side of the world or a ship in the middle of the ocean is how you maintain your relationship. It is normal.

When you get divorced, Florida law recognizes virtual visitation rights. You can incorporate it into the child custody and parenting plan that you have to draw up with your spouse for approval by the judge.

Any Florida court will view your divorce arrangements through the lenses of what is best for the children. They want to see both parents continuing to play a role in the life of the children. When you cannot be there physically, being their virtually can help reduce the distance between you.