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What can you do if your ex isn’t paying child support?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2020 | Divorce |

Regardless of whether a couple gets married before they have children or not, both parents have financial and practical responsibilities to the children that they created together. Parents should provide all of life’s necessities, as well as support and guidance.

When you are the parent providing for more of your child’s needs and caring for them more of the time, the other parent may have an obligation to pay child support to make up for those extra contributions on your part. What can you do as a Florida resident who isn’t getting the child support that they need?

The state of Florida can help you collect unpaid support

Sometimes, an issue with child support is temporary because a parent is going through a transition or a difficult time. There is certainly something to be said about being compassionate and understanding about such situations and communicating effectively with the other parent of your child to prevent unnecessary conflict.

However, if your ex makes it clear that they have no intention of fulfilling their obligations, you may have no option but to request enforcement action by the state of Florida. Given that child support is a court-ordered payment, the state can enforce the order when a parent won’t pay.

How Florida enforces unpaid support

Most child support enforcement is simple. The courts contact the employer of the individual paying and have them automatically withhold the appropriate amount from each paycheck. However, when someone doesn’t work or when they’re past due amount is far beyond what the state can collect from their current employment, other enforcement efforts are available. Your attorney can provide more information on your legal options.