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Child Support

Pay Or Receive Appropriate Child Support

The state of Florida expects parents, regardless of marital status, to provide care and financial support for their minor children (including 18-year-olds still in high school). Financial parental responsibilities are valid whether or not parents live with their children. When parents divorce or separate, a family court typically issues an order outlining which parent should pay child support to the other, and in what amounts.

Florida’s family law statutes include detailed child support guidelines for determining each parent’s income and which parent should pay the other. The statutes also acknowledge a court’s ability to vary the recommended amounts “after considering all relevant factors, including the needs of the child or children, age, station in life, standard of living, and the financial status and ability of each parent.”

Our Law Firm Is Here To Help

You may have arrived at this webpage because you anticipate a divorce or separation. You may be an unmarried mother or father wondering how to obtain a court order or modification clarifying parental responsibilities, including financial ones.

We understand the anxiety you may feel about your budget, whether you are raising a child as a solo parent or wondering how to come up with the amount a court may order you to pay.

These are not easy matters, but the good news is that many parents have managed to keep money matters associated with a divorce or separation from overwhelming the joys of parenthood. We are confident that you can, too.

Our family law attorneys work with parents in many circumstances. We keep a clear focus on the well-being of children, as well as on our clients’ rights and interests.

If you believe your child’s other parent has more income than he or she is reporting. we can get to work to discover the truth. If your child’s father or mother owes back child support, we can advise you on methods of enforcement. If you have been paying child support and now need to pay less because of a business downturn or personal medical problems, we can help you petition for a modification, if appropriate.

Whatever your perspective or concerns, rest assured that we have helped many other parents to resolve similar issues. We pledge to personalize our counsel for you as well as bring all our knowledge to the table for your family’s sake.

Our clients include parents in many situations, including military parents and parents in same-sex relationships.

Get Your Child Support Case Resolved Cost-Effectively

A child support dispute or child support negotiations may feel like a difficult thing to spend legal fees to resolve. However, the stakes may be high when you consider the years of payments you may receive or need to make, depending on the outcome of your case. We are ready to get you to the right resolution efficiently.

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