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Should Your Court Order Be Modified?

Life’s turns, ups and downs continue even after a divorce decree is final or a child custody or support order is issued. When circumstances have changed enough that the original order is no longer appropriate, you can ask a family law court for a modification.

On the other hand, if your child’s other parent proposes a modification, you may want to contest it.

Whatever angle you are coming from, an experienced, sensible family law attorney is an important resource. At Wood Law Firm, we listen first and then advise clients on the best ways to pursue their modification goals when:

  • A spousal support arrangement should no longer apply because the receiving spouse now has a new job, is cohabiting or plans to remarry.
  • A child custody order needs to change to match one or both parents’ new work schedules – especially if either parent is in the military and subject to deployment abroad or anywhere far from the child’s usual place of residence.
  • Either parent needs to relocate for work, educational or extended family reasons
  • Enforcement of child custody or child support order has become a consistent challenge.
  • A child support order is outdated because the child has developed special needs or one or both parents has had a significant increase or decrease in income or assets.

The reasons for requesting or objecting to a custody or support modification may be as varied as the individuals living their lives after a divorce or separation.

Your Family Is Unique And Your Legal Solutions Should Be, Too

Your situation may seem difficult to resolve, but rest assured that our family law attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience. At Wood Law Firm, we aim to deliver personalized family law representation. Our community involvement keeps us aware of social trends that affect many families living with support and custody orders. We assist all types of families, including military families, unmarried parents and same-sex couples.

We regularly help people work out legal solutions to challenges associated with changing circumstances affecting custody or support. We are confident we can provide the counsel and advocacy that you need. To get a conversation started about a modification you need or object to, call us at 850-502-8978 or send a message through our convenient online form.