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Your military service may impact your custody plan

On Behalf of | May 22, 2021 | Military Family Law |

As a military parent who is getting divorced, you need to think about how your service may impact your custody arrangement with your ex. You are in a unique position and there is a lot to consider. 

This does not mean you can’t seek custody or that you won’t see your children. You just have to think about how custody and visitation may be different for you than for a civilian — such as your ex. 

How much are you home?

One of the biggest questions to ask is how much you’re even home. If you get deployed for months at a time, does it make more sense for your ex to have custody and you to have visitation rights? This way, you can see your kids when you are home and they can be cared for when you’re not. Or do you feel that only being allowed to visit doesn’t give you enough of a presence in their lives?

Relocation may also become an issue. Maybe you don’t really get deployed, but you do get relocated to other stateside bases and training centers. In standard custody cases, courts tend to limit relocation so that both parents can be near their children. But your case is unique because you may have to move as part of your service. What will this mean for your custody rights and where the children live?

Putting your children first

As a service member, there are unique considerations in your custody case that may vary greatly depending on your circumstances. As you break down all of these questions and investigate your legal options, remember that your goal should always be to put the children first. You need to seek a custody arrangement that does so. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to assess your situation and plan your next steps.