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Getting the support you require for a special needs child

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2022 | Family Law |

Children are expensive to raise and care for, even when they are healthy and have no special needs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the costs of raising a child from birth to 18 will total about $240,000.

If your child has special needs, raising them will likely cost much more than the above estimate. You can expect to face many expenditures that have little to do with their actual health care. If you are divorcing, learn about these unforeseen expenses before you begin negotiating child support.

Part-time work

Raising a special needs child comes with costs other than financial ones. For example, it might cost you a full-time job. Doctor visits and other child-related appointments will consume some of the time you once spent working. Working fewer hours or days means less pay in most situations.

An accessible vehicle

Depending on the disability, you might need to have a special vehicle to address your child’s transportation needs. That means whenever you need a new one, you will likely have to spend a considerable amount of money.

Residential expenses

Even if your current home is not set up to accommodate physical disabilities, you might need to move to a new place with the divorce. Unfortunately, finding an accessible residence you can afford may be daunting. Another option is to have your current home outfitted with equipment (wheelchair ramps, walk-in or roll-in showers, etc.) to make life easier for your child.

It’s crucial to thoughtfully negotiate support that your child needs to continue thriving after your divorce. Learning more about Florida child support can help.