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Child relocation involving divorced military service members

In Florida, while military members and their families are subject to military rules and regulations, they are also bound by the laws of Florida regarding divorce, custody of children and relocation. As always, the primary concern remains the best interests of the children, while also considering the needs and wants of the parents.

How the Florida Relocation Statute works

Those who divorce with minor children in the picture do not get to make a clean break. In most cases, barring extraordinary circumstances, you can expect to remain in touch with your ex on a regular basis to ensure the children's well-being. One of the consequences includes limitations on your ability to move away with your minor child.

why you need an underage drinking defense

If you are like many parents, you worry about the future of your children. You want the best for them and want nothing holding them back. Unfortunately, some minors in Florida are charged with underage drinking even if they were only holding alcohol for someone else or just sitting at a table that had alcohol on it. Learn why having an underage drinking defense is important to protect your teen's future.


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