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Smart financial moves to make in a divorce

Florida residents or others who get divorced in their 40s or 50s may face unique financial challenges. For instance, living on one income late in life may require an individual to rethink their retirement plan. It may also be necessary for those who may not have experience in the workforce or managing their own money to forge their own financial future.

When divorce is better for the children

Florida parents might be considering putting off their divorce because they are concerned about how it might affect their child's emotional state or even the likelihood that their child will attend college. Studies show that a child of divorced parents may also be more likely to get a divorce. However, there may be some cases in which getting a divorce is the right decision.

Factors that are correlated with higher divorce rates

Each year, a number of people in Florida file for divorce. While people do not get married with the idea that they will eventually get divorced, it still happens to a sizeable number of people. Multiple studies indicate that there are a number of factors that may predict the likelihood of getting divorced.

Divorce rates for young people

Many Floridians end up divorcing before they have reached age 40. Some individuals even divorce in their 20s. States with the highest divorce rates among individuals younger than 30 are primarily located in the Deep South.

Florida’s simplified dissolution of marriage procedure can save

A Florida divorce need not be a multi-years long battle for some couples. Sometimes it can be an uncontested divorce that can save a lot of headaches. While not helpful or even possible for everyone, it can be cheaper and quicker than a regular divorce. That expedited divorce may even avoid some of the acrimony that may develop as a result of a protracted divorce itself.

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