Month: October 2020

Dealing with regret after getting married

Everyone takes a leap of faith when they get married. Tying the knot is one of the biggest commitments that you will ever make, therefore, you should not take the decision lightly. While during the early stages of the relationship, you may have felt that you were...

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How do people hide assets in a divorce?

Hiding assets in divorce may be illegal, but it still happens. You want to be aware of how people do it so that you can see any potential warning signs and work to uncover those assets.  Fortunately, many tactics to hide assets are not complicated at all, making them...

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Is your marriage really over?

  Your spouse wants a divorce -- but you don’t. Is there really anything you can do to stop it? Honestly, no. Florida allows anyone in a marriage that is “irretrievably broken” to get a divorce if they want it. This “no-fault” option means that your spouse...

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