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Does Florida have recreational marijuana?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2024 | Juvenile Crimes |

Every year, more states are adding recreational marijuana laws. These laws largely started out west, in places like Washington, California and Colorado. But they moved across the country and you can now find recreational marijuana in Illinois, Michigan and many states along the East Coast.

However, Florida does not have recreational marijuana. This is important to know if you are coming to visit Florida for spring break or any other type of vacation. Residents also need to be aware that, although there are medical marijuana options and dispensaries throughout the state, they have to have an official medical card to make use of these. Possessing or using marijuana without the proper authorization is still illegal.

Could you bring marijuana into Florida?

Because so many other states have embraced recreational marijuana laws, you may think that it would be easiest just to bring products into Florida from another state. This is especially true for those who are visiting Florida and who may be coming from a northern state, like Michigan or Illinois, where they can buy marijuana products at the store.

However, bringing these products into Florida would still be a violation of state law and could lead to an arrest. Moreover, transporting these products across state lines makes it a federal crime because the federal government still hasn’t legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Are you facing arrest?

If you’ve been arrested, perhaps because you didn’t fully understand how the laws have changed, you need to know about all of the defense options at your disposal. A conviction can have a major impact on your future and your finances.