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Addiction and abuse clear motivations for divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Divorce |

People in Florida experiencing tension in their relationships often work out their problems, but some issues demand that a partner leave someone. Alcohol or drug addiction represents one issue that frequently drives away even devoted spouses. Emotional abuse and outright physical abuse, especially when aimed at children, is another scenario when someone needs to leave the relationship.

For example, one man eventually realized that he could not stay with his wife after she got arrested three times for drunk driving. Although he had tried to stand by her side and connect her with help, she repeatedly abandoned alcohol programs and went back to drinking. He loved her, but her refusal to treat her addiction proved too difficult for him.

Another woman, who had been excusing her husband’s rage and verbal abuse because of his stress, reached a breaking point when he threatened to hurt her child. Beyond extremes like this, sometimes people seek divorce because they cannot resolve their differences even after counseling. They realize that their children deserve a better life than constantly watching their parents argue.

When a person is considering a divorce, a conversation with an attorney could help him or her understand what needs to happen to achieve that goal. A lawyer could explain how property division and child custody might play out. If any domestic violence is taking place, an attorney could direct the person to a shelter or petition a court for a restraining order. A lawyer may be able to help divorcing couples resolve disputes before they land in front of a judge. An attorney could help someone overcome emotional issues and make choices that benefit the children and limit financial strain. Documents like co-parenting plans and divorce settlements could be written by an attorney to complete the process.