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Health insurance considerations when getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2018 | Divorce |

When Florida couples are ending their marriages, it is important that they think about their health insurance. Medical insurance is one detail that many divorcing spouses overlook. If they do not address it, one of the parties may be left without insurance coverage when the divorce is finalized.

When a divorce petition is filed, insurance changes are not allowed. This means that a spouse who is on his or her spouse’s insurance policy will continue to have coverage while the divorce is pending. However, the coverage will end once the divorce decree is issued. It is not possible for a person to continue coverage for an ex-spouse after the divorce.

Before the divorce is finalized, spouses who will lose coverage should try to find coverage on their own. They might sign up for it at their jobs or elect to take COBRA from their former spouses’ insurance. COBRA will provide an extension before the coverage ends so that people will have longer to find their own coverage. Finally, while spouses will lose coverage, their children will not. The children will be able to continue with the health insurance that they have, or one parent may assume the responsibility of providing it for them.

The end of a marriage may involve numerous issues that must be dealt with. People who are preparing to file for divorce might want to meet with financial advisers and experienced family law attorneys so that they might better understand the impacts that the divorce may have on them. This may help them to prepare well so that they are able to avoid unexpected financial setbacks. Attorneys may help their clients by guiding them through the process. They might also negotiate settlement agreements that are fair and that protect their clients’ interests.