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Destin cracks down on underage drinking

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | Juvenile Crimes |

“I was looking for some action / But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol. “The line from rock band Oasis sums up many teenagers’ experiences of weekend trips to the Florida coast.

Next time your teenage son or daughter tells you they are going to Destin for the weekend, remember that line and make sure they understand the risks involved. Getting caught with alcohol if they are under 21 will land them in big trouble — the Destin police made 100 arrests over spring break of kids like yours heading to the beach for a good time.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office will have no hesitation charging your child as a minor in possession (MIP). They even put on extra beach patrols at busy periods to target teenage drinkers.

The consequences of a weekend to the beach could be severe. If it is the first offense, they could spend up to 60 days in jail, be fined up to $500 or face six months probation. If it’s a second offense, they could get a year in jail, $1000 fine, or one-year probation. They could lose their license too, up to a year for a first time MIP and up to two years for a second offense.

If you have a new photo to add to the family album of your child dressed in an orange jumpsuit courtesy of Crestview jail, seek urgent legal advice. There may be ways to have the charges dropped, or the penalties reduced. Your child’s future depends on it.