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Spring break alcohol offenses will follow your teen home

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Juvenile Crimes |

Florida is the most popular destination for spring break for many high schoolers and college students. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and resorts, as well as the perfect weather to escape from the cold and wet spring often experienced in northern states.

Unfortunately, the spring break celebrations where young adults get together to socialize and let off steam often become far too raucous and wild. Drugs and alcohol are often present at large events, and even young adults who usually make responsible decisions will get a little unruly on their spring break.

Students who were able to travel because they have earned their parents’ trust might act out in ways they never would at home and end up putting their future ambitions at risk as a result.

Spring break arrests are an issue every year

There’s usually this assumption that the police won’t enforce the laws about alcohol and drugs during spring break because they want the money from tourists to keep pouring into the community. However, Florida police officers frequently do arrest spring break tourists over alcohol consumption and drug use.

A young adult who gets caught in possession of alcohol, either by physically possessing beverages or by having a high blood alcohol concentration after a party, could potentially face a minor in possession (MIP) charge. That could potentially be the worst possible souvenir from their spring break celebration.

Florida charges mean Florida prosecution

If a minor accused of an alcohol offense pleads guilty, a judge in the Florida criminal courts could sentence them to six months of probation or 60 days in state custody, as well as a $500 fine. If someone gets arrested and charged with a minor in possession offense in Florida when they live in Ohio, they will likely need to travel back to the state or at least retain a Florida defense attorney to represent them during their criminal proceedings.

Students and their parents often require support to understand the penalties they face and reduce the costs and inconveniences that arise from a minor facing criminal charges in another state.

There are multiple means of defending against alcohol charges

The reason for someone’s arrest and the kind of evidence that the state claims to have will influence what defense options might work. Some people challenge chemical breath tests, others might seek to undermine claims of constructive possession just because alcohol was in their vehicle.

Talking with a Florida defense attorney can help a concerned family figure out how to handle a spring break underage alcohol possession charge.