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Family law matters and social media don’t mix

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2023 | Divorce |

If you are navigating a divorce, a non-marital child custody case or any other “family law” matter, it is important to understand that what you say and do outside of negotiation sessions and/or court can ultimately influence the outcome of your situation.

Certainly, it has probably occurred to you that if you behave in ways that can be perceived as vicious toward your spouse or your child’s other parent that this approach could compromise the strength of your position. But have you considered that even what you post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram could help to determine whether your case is resolved favorably?

Assume that your feeds are being watched

There are two primary reasons why it is generally a good idea to either avoid social media platforms entirely or to take great care while using them until your family law matter is resolved.

First, what you say on your social media platforms now can affect your relationships later. Venting about your spouse may feel good now, but how is doing so going to affect their willingness to cooperate with you later? And might something that you say now be viewed or repeated to your child down the road and impact how they view your character?

Second, what you post can potentially be used against you if your family law matter either becomes or already is contentious in nature. Assume that anything you post could be scrutinized by opposing counsel or a judge as they seek to resolve your property division and/or child custody issues.

If you have already posted something that could impact your case, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance. Otherwise, just keep in mind that family legal matters and social media do not mix well.