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How do Florida spouses arrange for uncontested divorces?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Divorce |

It is very easy for a divorce to turn ugly. Even when people know that their future will be happier after ending their marriage, they can still have a lot of grief and anger over the divorce process. When couples let their emotions take over, they may end up embroiled in a contentious, litigated divorce that takes months, possibly more than a year, to fully resolve.

More commonly, however, spouses embrace the idea of an uncontested divorce. They file paperwork with the courts that gives them direct control over matters like property division and parenting time arrangements. Some couples have a head start on uncontested divorce proceedings because they have a prenuptial agreement that they signed before getting married or a postnuptial agreement signed after they tied the knot. Others have to settle disagreements once they start talking about divorce. These are some of the ways that people reach a point where they can agree on the terms of their divorce.

They set specific goals

One of the ways for people to avoid the tumultuous emotions that can arise during divorce negotiations involves setting goals for the future based on their current circumstances. Some people might want to keep their marital home, while others may have specific desires regarding the division of parenting time. Those that focus on specific priorities may not get distracted by other, less important concessions that they may have to maybe when negotiating with their spouse.

They bring in help to work cooperatively

Divorce mediation involves working with a neutral third party to discuss and resolve the outstanding disagreements about divorce terms. The process is confidential, which means that it allows people to talk about the details of their marriage in a way that can lead to reasonable solutions for the family. Mediation can help those who still disagree about key aspects of the divorce find workable solutions for the family.

They keep a focus on the big picture

For different people, the best outcome in a divorce can be very different. If someone has children, then limiting the mental health and emotional consequences of the divorce for the kids will likely be a top priority. For many others, finding a fair way to divide their property to set each spouse up as best as possible for the future is the most important goal. Those that keep a focus on their life after the divorce instead of thinking too much about what led to the divorce or the stress of the process itself, may have an easier time working with their spouse to reach a point where an uncontested filing is possible.

Understanding how couples address conflict to file uncontested divorces may benefit those preparing for the end of their marriage in Florida.