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2 common mistakes to avoid as co-parents 

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Family Law |

Divorce can be a difficult experience for everyone, including the children. That being said, many spouses go on to be successful co-parents. 

This requires good communication, planning and conflict resolution. There are also a few things that co-parents should be wary about. Outlined below are some co-parenting mistakes to avoid:

Involving the children in disagreements 

Part of the reason you and your former spouse separated is that you just couldn’t get along. Intense conflicts were a regular occurrence and this was not healthy for anyone. 

Such conflicts cannot be a part of your co-parenting relationship. You and your co-parent must be able to communicate effectively when it comes to the kids. Sometimes, parents make the mistake of using their children as messengers if communications have broken down. This will only serve to upset the kids further. 

Not sticking to the custody agreement 

Whether you and your co-parent have come up with a suitable custody arrangement on your own, or the courts have stepped in, the end product must be respected. A custody order is legally binding and there may be consequences for breaking it without good reason. 

Again, communication is important when it comes to custody agreements. If you are ill, or the child is ill, make sure you inform the other parent in plenty of time. Usually, compromises can be reached with clear communication and compelling reasoning. 

There’s no reason why you and your former spouse can’t have a fruitful co-parenting relationship, but it can take some work. During divorce or custody cases, it’s crucial to have legal guidance behind you.