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Potential red flags: Divorce may be on the horizon

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Divorce |

If you see that a decision to divorce is imminent, that can give you time to prepare by gathering financial documents, considering your goals for the divorce process, looking into local divorce laws and wrapping your head and heart around what is coming. This foresight can help the process go more smoothly and minimize your stress, to the degree that this is possible.

While divorce is a complex and personal matter, there are several potential red flags or signs that may suggest an impending divorce. It’s important to remember that these indicators are by no means definitive proof of a divorce but rather signs that a relationship may be facing significant challenges. They can inspire you to consider what the future may hold.

Communication breakdowns

A breakdown in communication can be a significant warning sign. If you and your partner are no longer able to discuss your issues openly and honestly, it may indicate deeper problems. A lack of communication also means you may not be able to discuss and fix inherent problems within the relationship.

Increased conflict

Frequent and escalating arguments, disagreements or conflicts can indicate underlying issues in the relationship. If conflicts become more frequent and intense, it may be a sign of trouble. You may feel like every little thing becomes a major argument. Is the root cause that the relationship itself is starting to fray?

Reduction in conflict

Interestingly, though, a reduction in conflict can also mean that divorce may be coming. If your spouse no longer engages in disagreements, you may think they decided to let issues go. But perhaps they have already decided to leave the relationship, so there is no reason to continue trying to “win” these arguments.

Emotional disconnection

If you and your spouse are emotionally distant or detached from each other, it can be a strong indicator of marital dissatisfaction. This can also lead to a lack of intimacy. A decrease in physical and emotional intimacy can be a sign that the relationship is struggling.

Preparing for divorce

As noted above, it’s important to remember that every marriage is unique, and these signs alone may not definitively indicate an upcoming divorce. Many couples face challenges and are able to work through them with counseling or other forms of support. However, if you notice several of these red flags in your own relationship, it may be wise to seek legal guidance as you consider how to start the divorce process, what rights you have as a parent or during property division, and more. When it comes to the potential end of a marriage, knowledge is power.