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Losing your job likely means you need to modify your support

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Family Law |

When the Florida courts initially order child support, they look carefully at your household circumstances and your financial situation. Everything from your income to the custody sharing arrangements you have with your ex will influence your child support order. 

The state will occasionally review your circumstances and update the child support order if they determine that doing so is necessary. Both parents also have the option of requesting child support modifications when family circumstances change substantially. 

Your ex could ask for a modification if your child has an experience, like a medical issue, that drastically increases the cost of supporting them. As the person paying support, you may need a modification when your finances change. If your employment ends or your income drops, you may need to request a child support modification. 

Losing a job is a common reason to request a modification

Although you may hope to get back to work right away, it could be several weeks before you have a new source of income, if not longer. Without a modification, you could fall behind. 

The Florida family courts expect a parent to pay the support that they order. You could face numerous penalties for falling behind, even if you have a valid excuse for failing to make your recent payments. Although a modification after losing your job won’t absolve you of child support obligations are reduce what you have to pay, it can lower your responsibility temporarily until you increase your income again.

Requesting a child support modification can help you remain in compliance with the orders from your divorce.